Brownie Points Is All For Nonprofit Organisations

Partnerships Are Crucial

South African change-makers and nonprofit organisations are the template for the philosophy of turning little into very impactful and far-reaching somethings. This statement is in no way a fluffed up assessment of the efforts of development practitioners. In fact, it does not even reflect the extent of sacrifice and creativity so many in this field employ daily in the hopes of inspiring a positive change. ABCD (Asset-Based Community-driven Development) practitioners are especially familiar with challenges that arise in the work of unearthing and amplifying capabilities and the good in our communities and ourselves. Anyone venturing on this journey requires a considerable amount of support, insights and sometimes, visibility.

Brownie Points Is All For Nonprofit Organisations
Brownie Points is a platform helping nonprofit organisations grow their impact through connectivity. Image: Brownie Points

NPO Partnerships Through Brownie Points

While engaging in Ikhala Trust’s 2016 ABCD Festival, I got a first-hand taste of the creativity of SA nonprofit organisations, their successes, community and insights. One of the most poignant lessons from the festival was the significance of appropriate, genuine partnerships that are ultimately aimed at enriching the sector in productive and tangible ways. This is especially pertinent at a time when resources and funding to the sector are being scaled down. The work of establishing effective partnerships, capacity-building and creating profiles takes time and resources – things most nonprofits cannot afford to part with. Brownie Points, a platform established to support South African change-makers, is partnering up with development practitioners to help make this process accessible and fruitful for organisations.

Web-Based Platform Assisting NPOs

Brownie Points is a web-based platform assisting nonprofit organisations to maximise their impact through connecting them with a community of involved and passionate supporters for specific projects. Brownie Points has packages tailored for each joining organisation’s requirements.

The packages range from organisations that are starting out to those that have been established and are looking to grow their presence and impact. The first package is for fledgling or new NPOs seeking to increase their visibility and get volunteers and support. This package is free and comes with an online Brownie Points profile for sharing information and successes with supporters and gaining volunteers. The second package costs R1 460 for a full year and helps already established organisation with growth, fundraising, online campaigns and receiving online donations.

Engaging Partners As Alternative Sources

Brownie Points also profiles nonprofit organisations in engaging and informative articles on their website.
Nonprofit organisations in South Africa are in a very interesting period right now. With the gradually diminishing flow of funding to the sector, practitioners have to look at alternative sources that will not compromise the integrity and quality of their work. Finding partners and communities of people operating in the same sphere of concern is a strategy that not only works to supplement diminishing funding but also presents a wealth of knowledge and humanity. Brownie Points is all for making these partnership operate at their most productive level.

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